Monday, April 14, 2008

Oprah's worldview is anything but Godly.

Don't ever be surprised at what you hear and see and as Christians we must be even more vigilant and alert. Oprah ramble off on some kooky new age mumbo jumbo.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Forgive me for I have sinned!

I have violated one of the 10 commandments of blogging: "Thou shall blog and blog often". This is a grave sin in the blogging world. (I think I violated this commandment before) I do apologize that I haven't got a chance to write and let everyone know what is going on- in over a month and a half! So anyway lets get started shall we. Well, the replanting is going fine- believe it or not -we are now beginning to start our first phase of evangelism which I hope will go well. Our new class on Thursday is beginning to settle and take root, however I am hoping that we will have something for the kids on that night while the adults study. A new praise and worship format will be starting on the 4th Sunday in April so I will fill everyone in on that at the next church replant meeting. I do want to emphasize praying. Please remember to pray with your partners and do it often: at least three times a week with your partner and everyday for yourself. Sis. Tabitha mentioned that she does talk to her prayer partner but they don't pray all of the time. Well that's okay as long as you pray at least three times with a week with your partner that is acceptable. I would prefer everyday, but three is fine. To advance the kingdom of Christ we need prayer and lots of it from everyone!
Anyway gotta run....
Pastor Paul
Oh yeah one more thing- I got a new video I will be posting so stay tuned....