Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Very Clear Definition of The Gospel at LAST!!!!

I met and talked with professor Michael Horton a while back at a conference and he was really an interesting speaker- and now I see why. He has a way of making things rather clear in his presentations. In this video he gives a great definition of the gospel that I think a lot of people in the modern church need to hear. The preaching of the gospel is at an all time low in our day and age and unfortunately the church today seems content with having it that way. Unless we wake up to a clear and basic way of presenting this message, our evangelism of this society will suffer greatly and the glorification of Christ and His office will be minimized.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lutheran Church (ELCA) is Now Officially Apostate

This is what happens to a church when it completely abandons all scriptural authority and "leans to it's own understanding". When a church wants to be academic and politically correct rather than biblical and Christ-centered, it turns to rationalizing sin. And when it begins rationalizing sin it has nowhere else to go but down.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christians Forgotten About by American Politicians

Seems like the President of the United States has forgotten about Christians in Egypt that are being persecuted at a level unheard of. In the midst of the chaos and nonsense that is going on in Egypt, believers in Jesus Christ are being left out of the mix and our government seems to be working to appease a mob that will attempt to wipe out the current government and along with that, all of the body of Christ that is represented in that part of the world. Let us pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as they war against the enemy that is seeking to destroy them and their presence. Let us also pray that our leaders wake up to see the plight of the Church of Christ that holds the only message that will rescue human beings: The Gospel.