Monday, March 12, 2012

Pastoring 5 is as Important as Pastoring 5000

American consumerism and pragmatism has invaded the church as never before and more and more men are looking at the world's model of success in ministry rather than God's. This clip points out a very important fact about God: numbers are irrelevant but faithfulness is vital. God does not measure success according to the number of people you can pile in a building, He is concerned if one is faithful to the true and uncompromising proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as living it out authentically with integrity. This involves a life of discipleship that is not limited to the pulpit on Sunday, but is to be carried out on the street where you live Monday through Saturday.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Confused Message of the Most Dangerous "Evangelical"

Joel Osteen dangerous? Yes he is! Don't let that smiling face fool you. He is indeed a danger sign of "DO NOT ENTER" on the evangelical highway. This is because Americans unfortunately enter into his ministry via media, and his church service is watched on television by more people than any other Televangelist's worship service. Because of this, his ability to spread dangerous false teaching is magnified! In this clip, Osteen is saying something about pork being unhealthy or toxic, and that he eats only turkey or cows- but what is toxic is his misunderstanding of the gospel. Giving people dietary advise in church may be interesting, but it's not the job of the preacher. His job is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power to save human souls from the wrath of God. This is to be our message to the world, not helpful hints that can make you physically feel better. Getting people healthy is okay I guess, but lowering people's cholesterol won't save them from hell.