Sunday, July 19, 2009

Preaching You Won't Hear on American Religious TV

This video has preaching you will not hear on American religious television. Preaching like this is not only foreign to most people it is unpopular, un-welcomed and too strong for the modern church goer. Cool, soft and relevant is the style of the day- for we are in the last days, if fact we are in the "Day of Noah". (Matt.24:37)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It was a Blast!

I want to thank all who participated and came out to our annual church anniversary banquet! We were so blessed to have a beautiful summer day to enjoy our afternoon luncheon. Great speaking, great singing and delicious food. So lets get back to work and make it even better next year. Each year it seems to get better and better because everyone works for success.
Blessings to all !

Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome New Members!

I want to welcome the new members to our church and say blessings and much love from me and all the members of the church! We are definitely glad to have you as members of our fellowship and we believe that you are and will be a great asset to the Kingdom of God -as well as our local congregation. I truly believe in the importance of church membership -it is what is biblical for believers that claim to be members of the body of Christ. Many in American society and western culture have an individualistic attitude, however American culture takes a back seat to biblical mandates as outlined in the word of God. Scripture not our feelings are preeminent. (Click Here and Read!) The Necessity of Church Membership
Praise the Lord!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Will Independence Day Soon be Over For The Church?

Here is a video that shows what is happening in the UK- unfortunately it will soon be the norm in most of the western world including the United States. To preach the gospel of Christ and speak out against sin, will eventually mean persecution- not only by the state but also by the local congregation. For example, as more and more churches compete for membership in a secular society, congregations will continue to water down scripture to make it more palatable for lost men and women to attend their churches -resulting in a more and more impotent message of man centered pragmatism rather than Christ centered preaching.