Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Monkey See Monkey Do Evangelism

If you click on the title above you will see another sad example of a church attempting another wacky method to attract seekers using pragmatism (do anything as long as it works) to get people to come to church. When will churches stop looking for some kind of gimmick to grow memberships. What's next- communion with Jack Daniels instead of grape juice? Hey Pastor I have a novel idea: instead of giving them shot glasses that they drink whiskey out of, how about witnessing and giving out the GOSPEL! Oh I forgot that might offend them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Coming Fall of American Evangelical Christianity

The movement of Evangelical Christianity in America is unfortunately a declining movement. The power and influence of Christ and His church is as strong as ever throughout the world but in our postmodern western churches in North America and Europe it is waning. Like the economic collapse that is now present, sad to say, the American Protestant church is next. Most believers are so inept at giving their testimony or articulating what being a follower of Jesus Christ means that the growing and incoming secular society will demolish them and shake their foundation to such an extent, that they too like our banking system, will fall. Church attendance and the taking of sacraments is inconsistent as well as accountability in their personal lives for sanctification therefore customer driven mega churches will soon be the norm. If you take notice of the church today you will find that the average churchgoer would fail miserably at explaining basic 8th grade tenants of the faith if randomly quizzed about why and what they believe. And most are neither worried nor concerned about their relationship with Christ and their salvation. Don't believe me about the fall? Click on this and read why THE COMING COLLAPSE and hopefully we can do something to change direction.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prayer Breakfast

Thanks to all it was a great success

. Hello everyone- the prayer breakfast was fantastic! Hopefully everyone had a good time and plenty to eat I sure did (which is not good for my waist). Everybody participated and came through for a magnificent event. The program was very nice and glorifying to God -which is the most important thing- and I am looking forward to bigger and even better things for next year; and if this is any indication of what we can look forward to, we will be so blessed! Hopefully we will have some photos up soon. Also lets continue to pray for all of our members and also for our new member Teresa. She was recently hospitalized so keep bringing her to the throne before God.
Anyway Blessings to all
Pastor Paul

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Ball of Christian Confusion

There is no substitute for knowing the Bible for yourself

Because many believers are so severely ignorant of the word of God, nonsense like this flourishes on religious television. Since the average Christian never attends a bible study or has no organized study of anything biblical- they unfortunately will believe anything and anyone if it sounds good.