Thursday, May 13, 2010

Powerful Preaching

___I don't always hear that much powerful preaching for today but when I do I try and post clips once in a while. Most of the modern sermons of today are fairly weak and self centered (Unfortunately that goes for my sermons too some of the time) so to hear one with a punch, is a treat for me and I hope for you too.- Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holiness vs. Pentecostalism a Difference? Yes There IS!

it is virtually impossible to tell them apart. Churches are so eager to fill the building with people that they forget about filling the people with the Holy Spirit needed for holy living. The high levels of sin, sexual immorality, doctrinal error and heresy that is rampant in the church today, is evidence that the person and work of The Savior is not preached, the message of the new birth is unknown, and that self help pragmatism has become the norm on Sunday mornings. Until the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached faithfully, and the sacrificial discipleship of the cross is implemented, a dim and fading light of influence of the church in the world is inevitable. ______ Today the cross is neither preached about nor known about. Men and women instead are looking for a Christianity that is diluted and un-sacrificial. In this video Dr. Ravenhill talks about the Pentecostal movement of old; however I believe that the modern Pentecostal movement is far from the holiness movement that began in England with great men such as Wesley. Although I am a Calvinist, I'll take one John Wesley over 100 modern Calvinist any day of the week. The immorality that exist in the modern church is appalling to say the least and the church today mirrors the world to such an extent that