Monday, July 22, 2013

Censorship alive and well

--Both Facebook and Youtube attempted to censor an evangelical's movie clip, however when they get exposed of censorship they backpedal and allow the trailer of Kirk Cameron's movie trailer to play. Their excuse-"they thought it was spam" and "abusive". When it comes to the things of God the media will go out of it's way to censor and block anything that has to do with the gospel. Yet the amount of filth and vile videos people upload on youtube is insurmountable and they never blink an eye. If it wasn't for followers of Cameron blowing up Youtube and Facebook's headquarters, they would censor it and moved on. for more info click HERE

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Arrested for Preaching

--ON IT'S WAY TO THE U.S.A. (that can be a cheer). Make no mistake about it this is coming to the shores of the United States. As Europe goes so goes the States- it's just a matter of time. We are living in a more and more hostile environment to the gospel and an even greater resistence to sin and immorality in any form. The leadership in government as well as society, is beccoming less and less tolerant of Christians and will eventually move to silence any speech that speaks againt the sin in human beings and the proclimation of the Gospel of Christ. As pressure increases against the advancement of God's kingdom, churches tend to water down the message to be less offensive and more tolerant to the masses. Let us pray that boldness to preach the faithful message of the good news-which is the only thing that can save humanity- continues regardless of the persecution that will come from a dying culture.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why the evangelical church in America will soon collapse

--Here is an example of the foolishness- an upcoming "reality" show about flamboyant preachers- that has invaded American evangelicalism. The culture of worldliness has taken over much of the church and secularism has invaded the American Christian landscape at such an alarming rate, that the church can't be distinguished from any other institution in society . Which leads me to believe that unless God sends revival, the fall of Western Christianity is inevitable. Years ago an article predicted why this will happen to a post-Christian America, and this video reveals the beginning fruit of that prediction.