Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday's Sermon Notes -Enjoy!

Hosea 1:10-11

A God of Love


1. The background and historical significance of Hosea
2. Adaptation of our lives to Hosea's issues
3. How we see God's love
a. Knowing who we are in Christ
b. How we became who we are in Christ
c. Why we became who we are in Christ

Text Outline

4. The life and message of Hosea
5. God's coming judgment of Israel for their sins
6. God' love for Israel
7. God's Restoration of Israel


8. God's condemnation for our sin
9. God's Love for us in Christ
10. God's reconciliation of us by Christ
11. God's restoration with new life for believer through Christ

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Anonymous said...

You don't change the blogs fast enough for me, but I enjoyed the Sunday sermon(the 16th). I really got the message. I heard you got a new member that lives somewhere in Lakewood. Is that anywhere near the Lakewood thursday night bible study? I would like to hear more. :) God bless!!!!