Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back and better than ever (at least that's what I think)

Hello people! I have been off of the scene for over a week (sorry about that I know I have committed one of the cardinal sins of bloggers: not blogging often). Haven't had a chance to write but I am back and will be giving my "divine opinions" (don't laugh the pope says he's infallible) to the masses on a regular basis again! I hope the last week or so has been fairly good. We have been having some great studies both in 1 Samuel and in John. We did not meet last week for the Thursday group but hopefully everyone did their reading throughout the chapter. Hope everyone is having a good week and you are reading the articles posted on the blog. I will also try and put up Sunday's sermon notes today so you can follow the series I am preaching on: The Christian: Monday through Saturday. I will also be posting up a new video this week-as I promised Sunday- in harmony with the series of sermons I am giving. Oh yeah before I forget...good to announce our new member Angel Thomas. Hip hip hooray!
Blessings my children! (man... I'm sounding more and more catholic in this post)

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