Monday, January 14, 2008

New Group Has Begun!

Hey, Hey, Hey! Well everyone we want to announce a new bible study group has begun. We had our first study session on Sunday night and it went great! I was glad to see as many people as we had there as we cover the fundamentals of the faith. I am looking forward to great things from this group and we are hoping that it grows and expands as well as the growth and expansion of the members spiritually. Looking forward to this Sunday at 9:00 AM for the meeting on the replanting of the church. We really are looking for great things for the new year so continue to pray and support the effort as we march to expand the kingdom of God for 2008!

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Pastor Paul said...

Pastor Paul and the Members of Greater Love Reformed Baptist Church.

Best wishes for a this New year that the Lord has allowed us to see.

Please continue with your study groups. However, please post the times and locations so that members of the community may participate.