Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Church Planting and Spiritual Warfare

I though I would let everyone know about an article I posted on spiritual warfare and church planting just click on the Influential Books in the My Library section and scroll down past the books and you will see the article.


chuck said...

Hi my name is chuck jones and I live in Las Vegas but grew up in Carson. It's is truly a blessing to read that other african american christians are teaching from the reform view point. I have found only one reform church here in las vegas and it's 99 percent white. I truly enjoy the teaching, after a year, I wanted to find a church with a cultural mix, but i was very disappointed to find that the few that I tried thought that teaching from the reform view was being to dogmatic. After being at this last church for almost for a year, only one couple embraced the reform view which is just letting the bible speak for itself. Oh yea, that couple who are african american left that church and went to the reform church, without me knowing they left until they called me. They had never visited it before. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. My desire in my heart is to help more african americans to get free of the social gospel which in my opinion is not the gospel at all. It's really a blessing to see a black church teaching Gods word in a way that give Him all the glory. God bless you and your church. I'm always going to LA, maybe one day I can stop by. Feel free to contact me at Charlesjones41@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

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JAMES said...

My name is James Waiya.Iam a reformed baptist pastor in Kenya and it is my desire of getting in touch with other reformed brethren for encouraging and praying for one another.I have been a reformed pastor since 1984 but God called me to the ministry in 1973 I have pastored several churches before I was enlightened concerning reformed faith thhrough reading good reformed books.I desire also brethren visit us in Kenya for preaching and teaching short term mission trips from USA,Europe,Africa ,ASia,South America etc.Please contact me for more information about me and my ministry at waiyajames@gmail.com or +254721250114