Sunday, April 5, 2009

Christless Preaching -How did we end up here?

How sad that most modern preaching is practically devoid of any mention of the atoning work of Christ. Many of these sermons do have snippets from the bible but they're usually centered about people. This example is one of many that sadly reflect the absence of Jesus Christ in preaching. Most of what one hears in church has nothing to do with The Savior and His sacrificial work on the cross. The regeneration of the Holy Spirit is never talked about, not to mention any aspect of the resurrection of Christ and what that means to believers -all this is completely absent. In fact most sermons are human centered (stuff about your life, how it works, and how it can be improved- using random biblical text) and not CHRIST CENTERED (things of His life,His power and what He has done already). By nature, people love hearing things about themselves and less about Christ therefore their growth is external (human-like) and not internal (Christ-like). Preachers in return continue to preach to the desires and excitement of the crowd rather than to the Glory and honor of God.

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