Thursday, August 18, 2011

Johnny Be Good

I'm sure, the mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter means well by giving good information, a nice speech, and helpful advice to the "rebels without a cause"-but this message is not for the church on Sunday morning. The worship service is for the preaching of the gospel, the administration of the sacraments and offering praise and worship to Christ -not parenting tidbits for bad kids in the neighborhood. We already have enough modern-day church preachers giving life advise instead of the gospel of Christ; so the last thing we need is a politician on Sunday mornings doing the same thing. Worship service is for the weekly gathering of the saints exalting Christ and sharing His word, not for public officials spewing out scoldings to a culture that is depraved and infested with un-ruly children. Instead of using the church, this lecture should be done on the steps in front of city hall and not in the pulpit in front of the communion table.

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