Saturday, November 21, 2009

Exposed: Talking about anything EXCEPT the Gospel

He doesn't BELIEVE IT!!! If you watch the clip he is accused of preaching about money or being a "prosperity preacher" or whatever -anyway the fact is: if he preached Christ and Him crucified he wouldn't be accused of anything of the sort. Jakes instead believes if you preach to people about their issues and give people therapeutic religious advise using biblical scripture references, or make movies, etc. that this will improve peoples outlook. However, therapy- even "church therapy", economic advise, or a motivational sermonette, can't regenerate the spiritually dead nature of humans. Take this little tidbit from Jesus Himself Mr. Jakes: "they must be Born Again".

Men Should First be Led to Christ Not to Economic Relief
Listen as T.D. Jakes blathers on about the economy, a movie he made, getting blessings, and how he is not a prosperity preacher, something about the president, the third world, etc, etc. He says nothing about the Gospel and its hope. The reason he doesn't say anything about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as being the true solution to sinful mankind- and instead rambles on about a booming economy is because...

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