Sunday, November 1, 2009

Precious-A Movie Review: Why Only The Gospel of Jesus Christ Can Save Humans

his condition is: “dead in trespasses and sin”. The movie Precious by director Lee Daniel, gives a look into the heart of humans, which the prophet Jeremiah says, is “desperately wicked”. This movie shows what many refuse to believe which is: how vile, dark and diseased with iniquity the human mind is; and that only a divine renewal by the Holy Spirit can rescue a creature that is in fact not only in darkness but “darkness itself”(Ephesians 5:8). As you watch this movie you realize just how evil the unregenerate nature of man is. In this film you witness a mother severely abuse a child in a bone chilling fashion. The child is emotionally abused, sexually abused, and physically abused. Which leads to the question: how horrible can man be? God reveals the answer when He speaks to the condition of our species. In the book of Genesis, in the sixth chapter, after the fall and before the flood- it states: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was evil continually and it repented the LORD that He had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart. The solution is something that is not natural but supernatural in fact it divine intervention. The Gospel then is the good news because it provides man with the only option of being a new creation rather than a rehabilitated and cleaned up sinner. The divine intervention through the death of Christ, provides the defeat of the captivity of sin that men and women are trapped under. His resurrection provides the reality of the power that is given to all who believe and the new life in the Spirit is evidence that we are His and He lives in us.

How people will treat other humans- even if they are related
--Man by nature is born in sin and is, as the Swiss theologian John Calvin states, “Totally Depraved”. He cannot improve his nature because

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