Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not a Calvinist? Watch this and you will be.

Many Christians unfortunately don't know the doctrines of grace, often called Calvinism. However it is basic orthodox Christianity. Because very few individuals know classical church history, they often ignore or dismiss the teachings of the great theologian John Calvin- which when examined carefully are the fundamentals of basic Christian dogma. As Baptist we do have some disagreements with some of the tenants of Calvin-no man is perfect- but all in all Calvin is tops in my book!

Here is an interesting video from Sis. Lizel (I'd love to take the credit for it but I can't) that's a new cool substitute for the Acronym TULIP called "STUDIO". It's short, but I think you'll enjoy. Calvinism is often a little hard to swallow for most folks, but then again the truth usually is.



Pastor Starks, I've never signed in on a blog, so I hope that I am doing this correctly.

I agree with your concerns regarding Rick Warren's positions and his invite to the Desiring God Conference. I can only hope that Pastor Piper is being used of God to expose Warren to an environment whereby the truth of the Gospel will compel him. Moreover, I pray that God the Holy Spirit will do a great transforming work in his heart through his interactions with Pastor Piper.

As pragmatic as Warren is... in that vain, what's your take on a Minister preaching a word faith sermon from the pulpit of a Reformed Church? "Word Faith and Reformed.... WHAT????"

Pastor Paul said...

Hey you did okay for a first time blogger! You signed in under the bottom clip instead of the Piper –Warren clip but eventually you'll get the hang of it. Well my take on a "word of faith" preacher (strange words huh? "Word of Faith" kinda cool). Well I first want to be gracious because none of us our perfect in our preaching and we all need the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit whenever we preach. Obviously I don't adhere to the word of faith teaching and the ideas they propose from the pulpit. With that said there may be preachers who come into a reformed churches or places where the doctrines of grace are adhered to, who may not even know that they are preaching a "word of faith sermon" so as pastors we have to be cautious and careful with those who may preach the word of God to the church at hand. I personally have had individuals preach in our church who I thought were sound in their preaching only to find out that they had word of faith tendencies. However I didn't stop them in the middle of their sermon and take them out and stone them , I politely thanked them for their time and never asked them back to preach. In the case with Rick Warren he is already known for who he is. So caution and discernment should be considered with him.