Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Divorce Battle: Joseph Reyes Faces Jail Time for Taking Daughter to Church - ABC News

Divorce Battle: Joseph Reyes Faces Jail Time for Taking Daughter to Church - ABC News

people of darkness. No matter what religion they are or even if they are not religious. If they are not followers of Jesus Christ they have not come into the light therefore they are "children of wrath" doomed for eternal judgment. Christians are to flee from and not marry non-Christians because this is in violation of the word of God. We should never apologize to the world for what we believe because we answer to God, Him alone and His church. The idea that believers are so desperate to marry, that they will marry un-believers is not only ludicrous but also sin. A Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Mormon, etc. are un-believers. Because they are religious is meaningless if they have not given their lives to Christ and become His followers. Christians are a redeemed people, called out of a world of darkness into the marvelous light by the power of the gospel. The gospel of a Savior who has died to set us free from the bondage of the world, the flesh and the devil. So click on the blue link above and see the sad consequence of ignoring the demand of scripture and what happens when we "lean to our own understanding" rather than the word of God.
This story of child custody ,is a prime example why believers are forbidden to marry unbelievers. Because un-believers are not people of light they are...

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Kevin and Lizel said...

Hi pastor Paul! an old classmate commented this, "Thomas -
This is more about custodial issues within the divorce contract drawn up between the two parents and their divorce lawyers than it is about the heathen-esque ways of people of different faith or no faith. The mother of Reyes' child demanded that she be brought up in the jewish faith, and I guess Reyes couldn't have that. It seems like it would really be inconsequential to religious people because it's not a religious issue, but this very blog shows me that is not so."