Thursday, June 24, 2010

The New Trend: Christian ADVISE

Dr Horton presents an interesting trend that moving through a lot of churches its called "Religion" and not the GOSPEL through the person of Christ. Unfortunately most churches are now giving biblical tidbits on living, to make the members of their congregations lives better. They do this by bringing the parishioners each Sunday, biblical steps to help them see mistakes in their lives and what they need to do to "get better" and "do better". What the churches are becoming are " pit stops" each Sunday that provide self-help fueling for the rest of the week. Therefore Christ really is not needed in the message on Sunday mornings because snapshots of scripture references, and biblical jargon about "doing stuff" are substituted for the person and work of Jesus Christ. The announcement of the gospel is replaced by the law of "what to do" to get favor and blessing from God and if you "do" what you are supposed to "do" then God will begin "doing" in your life. HELLO!!!! He has ALREADY done something it is called Calvary, the empty grave , and the Holy Spirit.

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