Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh No... Another Article on Preaching!!!

Yeah its true. Another article on preaching. This one was sent to be from a young lady in our church and I think that it's pretty interesting. Preaching all over is in pretty dire straits unfortunately, and any and all help is needed. As powerful as preaching is in reformed circles, sometimes sermons occasionally can be dry at times; and I think that this is because of, believe it or not, EXPOSITORY preaching ( I know I said it...bring out the stake and burn me- its heresy- I know I know.) Well with that said let me explain before I introduce the article. There are times when topical sermons fit the text much better than an exegetical verse by verse sermon. However one of the problems that I find in preaching and in many speeches for that matter, is the inability of most people to WRITE. Writing on a well organized thought, bringing out the main idea of what you want to say, or what the biblical text is saying, is a serious problem for most speakers. I believe that trick is following a well organized idea in essay form, developing the body and bringing it to conclusion for the hearers. I believe this is the foundation for the sermon and from this other aspects are added -even in expository sermons. The article points out some interesting tidbits that are relevant to preaching effectively to the congregation. I think how the preacher is able to convey information to an audience is vital, as well as, how the audience is able to understand and be moved by the information received by the preacher. Click HERE to read the article....enjoy.

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