Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Government Crackdown is Alive and Well in China and in America as Well- So don't be surprised.

It's amazing how that the mainstream media tells you about religious restrictions in other countries, yet this same media, is so blind to what goes on in the United States. Here in this video CNN reveals government crackdowns on Christianity in China- but what they don't report is, what's happening in their own backyard! Could church crackdowns and persecution happen in the good ol USA? Yes it can and it already is! In fact,local state, county, and city governments in the United States, have already begun by using a different tactic to persecute and stop the mission of Jesus Christ and His church by implementing a much more subtle technique called : "city zoning ordinances". In this article where City Tells Church to Stop Worship Services you see this happening daily in our own country. Make no mistake about it, attempts to stop the gospel are alive and well in the west as much as they are in Asia. Satan is just as busy here as he is there. And the gates of hell are making greater and greater attempts to advance and dismantle the kingdom of God- but they won't prevail. So let us continue to pray and never faint.

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