Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Non-Biblical Western Concept: Church = A Building

A lot of people in our country actually believe that a facility is a church. However that is neither biblical or in many cases practical. Here is a story reported about churches losing buildings as congregations lose money. This news story should be that churches not buildings are in trouble. This is the real truth: that the gospel is watered down and the message of the cross of Christ and His redemptive plan, is absent from the sermons of the modern church. The idea of congregations building extravagant worship facilities, is a man-centered approach to ministry. Yet in this video you'll see church foreclosures happening at a record pace as many churches are unable to meet the mortgage requirements of lenders. A great example of this, that is not in the video, is what is happening to the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. A glass church building that was used as a tourist attraction rather than a place of worship to Jesus Christ and His mission. Instead the Crystal Cathedral became a so called " Hour of Power Ministry" based on a personality known as Robert Schuller. Schuller who preached motivational self-help techniques each Sunday that were disguised as "sermons" to people interested in self improvement pep-talks. The church is now going through financial corruption, bankruptcy, internal family strife over money and church order as the ministry shrinks and spirals down the drain. In a recent article about the Crystal Cathedral, revelation of the drama and conflict that the organization is now having, is brought to light; showing the fruit of a misguided approach to Christianity. Sad to say it's just another true sign that American Evangelical Christianity is in more trouble that we thought.

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