Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catering To The Consumer Rather Than God

The congregation where God is meeting with His people should bring conviction and a sense of awe -if those who are strangers to the gospel, congregate with His covenant people, who are there to feed from the word of God. Therefore the church looks different because it is different. As His people, the church, lifts up songs and praise that are pleasing to God -as His word is spoken to us through a vessel known as the Pastor. God then is pleased and worship is authentic. Therefore the service should appeal to God rather than human beings. This is what is important- as He meets with us as believers, each week in big and small places revealing the person and work of Christ that is served to us in the message of the Gospel. Those who are visitors are welcomed and loved as they too witness the message of God and experience how worship is given to Him as we welcome them in love and joy. Music can be culturally sensitive and various styles can be incorporated to reach our hearts with gladness and uplifting moods of joy. However the church worship service should never be changed to make humans who are un-saved more at ease with the God of creation who is a consuming fire. For we are apart of His story of redemption through Jesus Christ and we change for Him for He states: "Behold I am God and I change not"

The worship of God, to the natural man, should feel different to an individual as he or she enters the congregation of God's church. That is because

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