Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to the new folks!

We are definitely glad to have you as members of our fellowship and we believe that you are and will be a great asset to the Kingdom of God -as well as our local congregation. I know God has great things ahead for you as instruments for the advancement of His work and for the edification of body of Christ! I truly believe in the importance of church membership -it is what is biblical for believers that claim to be members of the body of Christ. Many in American society and western culture have an individualistic attitude, however American culture takes a back seat to biblical mandates as outlined in the word of God. Scripture not our feelings are preeminent. The Necessity of Church membership (Click Here and Read!)

I want to welcome some more new members to our church that joined this week and say blessings and whole lotta love from me and all the members of the church!

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Janice Pierce - Williams said...

I'm a fairly new member with the church. I felt welcomed the first day I attended last year! I started coming to church every Sunday after my daughter invited me for Family and Friends Day. I later joined to find the love of Christ with the Pastor and church members. I truly love the spiritual flow and blessings that has helped me become a stronger christian. God has used me to bring the children on Fridays at
7:00pm. I'm glad to part of this wonderful church. God bless you Pastor Paul and keep up the good work!
Sister Janice