Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ol' School Sunday School

participated in making the Sunday School program a success! Much appreciation to Adoram and Pastor Power as well as Morning Star Baptist Churches. Special thanks to our new folk who got in on the action too! Sis. Janice made her debut as well Corla coming thorough on a last minute reading that went great! Also thanks to the vets Sis Jenkins and Sis. Tabitha Diane Harrison Whitaker daughter of ….oh you know the rest, as well as a host of others! The service went well with great preaching from Rev. Colmore and the Kids sung their hearts out! I was tired but thrilled and blessed! Oh I almost forgot I will try and get the new pictures up as soon as possible-hopefully by Wednesday- so everyone hold tight !
Love to all
Pastor Paul.

We had a great program on a wonderful fall afternoon service. Thanks again to all of our folk who

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